Mechanisation Products Overview

ground engaging - mechanisation product

1. Ground Engaging

Because of ever increasing production cost, the aim should always be to still supply value for money products. Although not always the cheapest, it should be based on a quality, ensuring that the end user gets morevalue for his money. The extensive range of Ground engaging parts it is made up of the following: Rotavator Blades, Plough Shares, Mouldboards, Landslides, Shins, Disc’s, Coulters, S-Tines, Cultivator Sweeps, Cultivator Points, Ripper Points.

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machinery - mechanisation product

2. Machinery

Prodist is an agricultural spare parts distributor for a large range of replacement parts for rotary cutting equipment including Falcon, Fieldmaster, Vetsak, Laser. We stock a high quality replacement part sourced from suppliers who produce for the OEM market.

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ball bearing - transmission - mechanisation product

3. Transmission

The Prodist transmission range is made up the following: Bearings, Blocks, Flange units, V-Belts, Sprocket, Pulley, Chain, Taper Lock Bushes.

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sprayer - mechanisation product

4. Sprayer

In the sprayer range Prodist has a number of products available:
  • Udor
  • Techomec / Geoline
  • Oestagric
Udor supplies diaphragm pumps. Techomec/ Geoline is an Italian brand and supplies the nozzles, nozzle bodies, filters, lids etc. With regards to Oestagric from Portugal, the range consists of sprayer heads which fit onto the sprayer tank, with different options for the different vineyards.

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5. Haymaking

Rake and pick-up tines are a natural extension of Prodist’s involvement in slasher and haymaking machine parts.

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6. PTO’s

In this range of products Prodist offers two brands;


7. Gearboxes

Prodist is the sole distributor for the Comer gearbox range. Comer is a well-known and trusted gearbox brand in the industry. This Italian based supplier offers a wide range of gearbox solutions. Comer is probably one of a few companies that can guarantee that a part is still available 20 years after being manufactured.

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