We all use Q20 to loosen screws, nuts and bolts, and protect tools from moisture, but that’s just for newbies. I know tons of people have a can of this stuff in their garage, toolbox, or under their kitchen cabinet, but do you guys really know all of the amazing ways you can use it?

QR20 Super Multi-Pupose Lubricant

If you’re feeling adventurous, here are the top 20 weird and wonderful uses for Q20:

1. Make a spade dig faster

Spray a little Q20 onto your garden spade before digging to make it slide easier into the ground.

2. Get Rid Of That Makeup Stain

Makeup is one hard stain to remove from your clothing but Q20 can help. It’s one of the most effective ways to remove makeup from fabric. Just a dab of it will work as a pre-treatment before you throw it in the wash!

3 Quickly remove crayon from walls

Moisten the area with the spray and wipe gently with a clean cloth. Avoid using excessive pressure so the paint is not removed from the wall.

4. Remove hairline scratches

Q20 Helps camouflage hairline scratches on ceramic tile and countertops and your car, just spray and wipe.

5. Shine the leaves of plastic plants

If you have plastic plants in the office then you can make the leaves look shiny and healthy by spraying Q20 on to them. Please check they are plastic first, and don’t spray onto real plants.

6. Clean dog dirt from trainers

Q20’s “water displacement” function makes the dirt just slide off. Spray your trainers with and give it a few minutes before starting to clean.

7. Remove adhesive price tags

If you have a plastic case, such as a CD or DVD with a price sticker stuck to it; Q20 can be used to help remove it. Spray a little on, and wait, then rub off the sticker.

8. Clean off chewing gum

Q20 is fantastic if you have chewing gum stuck to your shoes, or walked into your carpet, or even your hair. Spray a little Q20 on the gum, wait a few moments, and then pull the gum off.

9. Clean bathroom tiles

If you’ve got mascara, nail polish or paint on a bathroom tile you can use Q20 to remove it.

10. Clean fake snow spray from windows

If you like to use fake snow on your windows at Christmas, you’ll appreciate the powers of Q20 for removing it.

11. Remove oil spot from driveway

Leaky car? Use Q20 to remove the oil spots from your driveway.

12. Keep a lawn mower grass free

Spray the underneath of your hover lawn mower with Q20 to prevent grass from sticking to the underneath and jamming up the mower.

13. Q20 is a great slug and snail repellent

Use Q20 to keep slugs and snails from eating your pot plants. Spray the outside of the pot with Q20 and it will keep the crawlers away. Q20 is waterproof, so you can do this and it’ll keep working even after it rains.

14. Remove stuck rings from fingers

You can use Q20 to remove stuck rings on your finger. Just give it a quick spray and pull the ring off. Wash your hands straight away afterwards.

15. Loosen stuck zippers

Q20 is great for loosening stuck zippers on clothes (but be careful to spray the zip and not the clothing).

16. Shine surfaces for stock photography

You can shine surfaces with Q20 prior to photographing objects on them. The surface shine will improve the look of your products. It’s great for taking shots to advertise on an online e-commerce platform.

17. Remove old duct tape

You can remove old duct tape or any other sticker residue by spraying it with Q20.

18. Keep a bicycle mud free

There is some arguments about whether Q20 should be used bicycle chains (instead of grease), but it’s great for keeping mud off bikes.

19. Cracked Phone Screen?

It won’t completely “cure” the crack or scratches but can improve the screen’s appearance. Just spray it on and wipe it off with a dry, clean cloth. It will at least buy you some time until you’re able to purchase a new phone.

20. Keep Bathroom Mirrors Fog-Free

It’s a problem that bothers a lot of people. Lasts for a long time. Spray a bit (just a bit!) of Q20 on a soft rag and wipe it on your mirror until the mirror is residue free and clear again. Your mirror won’t fog up while showering. Re-apply when it stops working after a month or so.”



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